Children in the Middle: A Co-Parenting Class

Spero Counseling Services has contracted with Between Two Homes®, LLC in order to expand our services to you. This psychoeducational class meets twice for 3.5 hours each. Classes are open to any parent who would like to gain more skills and knowledge in co-parenting.

*** These classes also meets court ordered requirements

Part 1: The Adult Focuses on adult issues related to co-parenting and keeping children out of the conflict

Topics include:

1.Working with the other household
2. Extended family/significant others
3. Suggestions for co-parenting
4. Adult grief
5. Conflict disengagement
6. Domestic violence

Part 2: The Child Focuses on child development and the needs of children growing up in two homes.

Topics include:

1. Children’s stages of development
2. Creating the dual home environment
3. Talking to the children
4. Children’s grief
5. Mistakes made involving children
6. Benefits of co-parenting

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