CHILDREN                                                                              The use of verbal language by children develops throughout childhood and adolescents, but children naturally use play to explore, learn and communicate with the world around them.  With play therapy, toys are viewed as the child’s words and play as their language allowing children to more freely express themselves when they may not have the verbal ability to do so.  Engaging children in expressive activities is used in conjunction with a tailored approach that best fits the needs of the child and the family.

TEENS                                                                                 Adolescence is a time for discovery and exploration for finding one’s authentic and true sense of self.  Building an accepting partnership and trusting relationship allows teens to explore their identities in a safe and supportive environment.  Verbal skills continue to develop throughout the teen years, and a combination of talk and expressive activities tend to work best for most teens.

PARENTING                                                                      There is no manual for parenting, but there is support.  Working with parents to continue the therapeutic process at home with their child is important to reinforce lessons learned in session and to make the most of intervention.  I am passionate about supporting parents through their challenges to best support and facilitate growth for the family and child.

Master of Art degree in Professional Counseling

Licensed Professional Counselor (TX #84830)

Registered Play Therapist

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I view you as the expert in your own experiences and work to build a partnership based on acceptance, compassion, and trust.  The belief that everyone should have the opportunity to feel heard, respected, understood, and cared for guides my approach, and I feel it is important to take the time to offer a safe and compassionate environment to facilitate real-world, practical solutions for growth and healing.

I offer counseling, parenting coaching, and play therapy services to children, adolescents, and parents for issues related to anxiety, depression, self-regulation, life changes, behavioral challenges, self-esteem, communication, and social skills.

Rachael Taliancich, MA, LPC, is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Texas (TX #84830).  She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration at The University of Texas at Dallas, her Master of Art degree in Professional Counseling at Amberton University, and is working to complete her certification as a Registered Play Therapist.  Rachael is also a member of the American Counseling Association, Texas Counseling Association, and Association for Play Therapy.

Prior to beginning her career as a counselor, Rachael worked in childhood development as a childcare provider and administrator.  Her love for helping children and their families develop and grow was ignited with this experience, and now Rachael is passionate about offering quality mental health care to children and families because she has seen first-hand the difference it has made in the lives others.

  • Trained in “Child Parent Relationship Therapy” curriculum

  • Registered Play Therapist

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just the way I am then I can change.” – Carl Rogers