Child Parent Relationship Training

PARENTING CAN BE DIFFICULT! But, there is no more important role you play, than that of a parent! This is a research based parenting group that focuses on providing building blocks for enhancing the child-parent relationship.

Who can benefit?
Any parent who has a child/children between 3-12 years of age.

You will learn:
1. How to recognize and respond to their child’s feelings
2. Help child develop self control (and yourself)
Communicate more effectively with your child
Effectively discipline and limit inappropriate behavior

About the Course: This group is conducted in 8 weekly, 2-hour sessions, in a small group format. The atmosphere is friendly and accepting and the training interactive, making it enjoyable and interesting.

Give your children what they need most: YOU!

*Please note that this group is for parents only. Children will not attend the groups.
For more information, please call 940-765-9029 or email