Community Conversations are open to anyone to attend. We encourage anyone in the community to come! These events do not offer continuing education credits and are solely provided to support the community. For continuing education trainings, please visit: continuing education trainings and play therapy trainings.

Feel the Feels 

Without Falling Apart

When: Thursday, April 2, 2020                                                                          Time: 6-7:30pm                                                                                          Where: Haggard Library                                                                                                     2501 Coit Road, Plano TX 75075                                                   Cost: Adults $25                                                                                                                 Teens  $15                                                                                                               Family Pack (4 tickets) $60


Do you or your teen have difficulty staying calm when having “hard” conversations?                                  Does your house feel like everyone is walking on eggshells rather than it being a place of refuge at the end of a long day?                                                                                                                                                                    Do you ever lash out at your child and feel like you can’t stop yourself?                                                             Teens, do you ever feel like your emotions are in charge and you don’t have a choice how you act?             Do you find yourself lashing out at your parents and find yourself in trouble?

Join us for a Community Conversation where you will:

  • Understand what happens in your brain when you experience big emotions
  • Gain tools for how to remain calm when someone is lashing out at you
  • Gain tools for how to help yourself regain composure when you are overwhelmed by big emotions
  • Learn new skills for healthy communication
  • Learn how to maintain an emotional connection even when conflict occurs

By attending, you will gain helpful knowledge, numerous tools and have the opportunity to practice and receive immediate feedback and insight from a licensed professional counselor.

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Disclaimer: This event is not sponsored by the Plano Public Library System or the City of Plano.